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9 thoughts on “En attendant le blog

  1. Voilà une valeur sûre ! …… Ce sont les émotions fortes qui donnent un sens à notre vie …Sur la route “on ne voit bien qu’ avec le coeur ” …

  2. Calm down Professor, calm down …While young and energetic folk like yourself are dwelling on the differences among “things”, I, who has only few years left in the “organic state” am interested in the common denominator of Nature. I don’t know if it is still valid to call it the Z particle (not to confuse it with the Z boson), the particle of the fundamental field, call it the “G” field. With this preamble, I ask you if you had a chance to look at the link (sorry for the link) and my comment (19-Oct) to your article, “Why the Higgs and Gravity are Unrelated”?

  3. Muhammad قال:مممم جهاز حلو بس اكيد النكسس احلى مع انو مو بعيدين عن بعض بل مواصفات بس النكسس جهاز غوغل المدلل وشكرا عل اخبار الرائعة

  4. Szépséges és finom:) Párom kedvence, ő ugyanis Ausztráliában nőtt fel, és a leírása alapján keresgéltem, aztán egy ausztrál magazinban rábukkantam egy receptre, azóta rendszeresen sütöm, nagyon szereti mindenki.

  5. let me put this simply. the new inbox sucks. I was so happy when it returned back to the old one, but then it switched back to the new one! 🙁 I can't even see the whole message when I'm replying back to someone because its cut off, and viewing comments on my videos take more clicks than they should be and used to be, which is very inefficient. I just can't get used to it! 🙁 CHANGE IT BACK!!!!

  6. thanks!yeah i figured it was Nouk, but I dug through her site and couldn’t find anything I’ve honestly been looking around for hours now, how pathetic is that! lol

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